Bonus - Dokken LiveDokken Live at The Rodeo Club in San Jose CA 9/9/2012. Michael Butler’s band “The Butlers” opened up for Dokken. He was kind enough to invite me to the show as his personal Assistant.

The deal was, I carry his bass, he gets me into the show. There is a reason why this became a Bonus Episode. The audio sucks. I attempted to capture Jon Levin’s Guitar track straight from his Marshall Cabinet. The recording was not intended to properly capture the entire mix. Hope you Guitar Heads enjoy this recording. This was my first experience watching Dokken without George Lynch on Guitar. I have to admit, I have never seen Don so happy on stage. I had a blast! Hope you enjoy!

いや~ ジョージ先生無しのドッケンは初体験でした。ジョン・レビンのギターを体験しに行ったので彼のマーシャルアンプにマイクを向けて録音したため全体のミックスは聞き取れません。ギター・ヘッドのあなたには楽しめるのでは?!マイケル・バトラーさんのベーズ・テクとしてライブを体験する事ができたのでマイケルさんサンキュー。Host Chiaki

Current Touring Band Members:

Don Dokken: Vocal
Jon Levin: Guitar
Sean McNabb: Bass
Jimmy DeGrasso: Drums

Featured Tracks:

Dokken: Into The Fire (Sound Check 9/9/2012 The Rodeo Club San Jose CA)
Dokken: Kiss Of Death (Live 9/9/2012 The Rodeo Club San Jose CA)
Dokken: Alone Again (Live 9/9/2012 The Rodeo Club San Jose CA)
Dokken: In My Dreams (Live 9/9/2012 The Rodeo Club San Jose CA)
Dokken: Dream Warriors (Beast From The East Live in Japan 1988)

Gears used today:

– Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder
– Zoom H4 Portable Digital Recorder


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