Bonus - Learning Japanese in the Style of David Lee Roth Today I talk about how podcasting sells music. The resurgence of Vinyl. Learning about my home country Japan, through David Lee Roth. Learning Japanese with Host Hinohara Chiaki. Learning English with Host Chiaki Hinohara. 一緒に英語をデーヴィットを通おして学びましょう。ドランカー度 4 .2

Beer Of The Moment:
Hitachinon Nest Nipponia Pilsner Beer

Featured Tracks: 
David Lee Roth: A Little Ain’t Enough (A little Ain’t Enough – 1991)
Cinderella: Nobody’s Fool (Night Songs – 1986)

Learning Japanese with Host Chiaki in the style of David Lee Roth:
Five Star: 五つ星
Don’t make a fool of me : こきにするな

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Gears used today:

– Adobe Audition CC
Heil PR-40
Roland UA-55 Quad Capture USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Pop Filter
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Hitachinon Nest Nipponia Pilsner Beer

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