Brutal-Truth,-Primate-Frontman-Kevin-Sharp-Interviewed-by-SIGH-'s-Dr.-Mikannibal---Metal-Moment-Podcast-084I spent the day trying to figure out the chords to, Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel, “Deceived”. A little sound sample of what I figured out so far. On to the show.
On January 8th 2014, Metal Moment Podcast’s Japanese correspondent Dr. Mikannibal of SIGH conducted an interview with Brutal Truth / Primate vocalist Kevin Sharp at the Unit in Daikanyama Tokyo, Japan. (The 3rd voice you will hear is SIGH’s vocalist Mirai Kawashima). The interview quickly turns into a casual conversation about each others lives. Dr. Mikannibal talks about moving to Tokyo this April. Other topics include, my new Over Drive pedal from KO Amps, who I bumped into at NAMM, and my fugly site. To support the show, please visit and click on the Amazon Banner when shopping at みかりんから送られて来たインタビューとジェーク・イー・リーの新しいバンドのリフを聞けるのはメタル・モーメント・ポッドキャストだけカモね。TOSHIちゃんスタイル。

Featured Tracks:

Sigh: Amnesia (In Somniphobia – Candlelight Records 2012)
Primate: Drinking and Driving (Draw Back a Stump – Relapse Records 2012)
Brutal Truth: Anti-Homophobe (Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses – Relativity/Earache 1992)

Gears used today:

Heil PR-40
Roland UA-55 Quad Capture USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Pop Filter
Sony MDR-V6 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone
– Linhof Special Telecaster
– Marshall JCM800 1W Head
– Marshall C110 Speaker
KO Amps KOi Overdrive Pedal
Shure SM57
– Coors Light Beer

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