Japanese Metal Head Show 009 - Let Your Voice Be HeardTheme of this show, “Leave a voice Message at 707-78M-etal (63825) with your song request”. And let your voice be heard! リクエスト曲/質問などをスマート・フォンなどで録音してメールして来てください。

We also talk about Randy Rhoads Poka Dot Vee. George Lynch and Karl Sandoval. XYZ guitarist Marc Diglio’s Charvel Prepro Guitar. Wayne Charvel Guitars.

Featured Tracks:
Dave Reffett: Caravan Of Cannibals (requested by Dave Reffett)
Helloween: Raise The Noise (requested by @cuttqueencutt)
Bloodbound: Drop the Bomb (requested by @MaxThreshold)
Atreyu: Lonely (requested by @mizutamav)
XYZ: The Sun Also Rises in Hell (requested by @Bangkok_R_Baby)
Mercyful Fate: Melissa (requested by @meliYOROSHIKU)
X Japan: X (requested by @Fooly_Kewly)

Featured Drink of the Moment:
Singha Beer, first brewed in 1933, is Thailand’s #1 beer export and enjoys the distinction of being the first beer from the first brewery in the country’s history. Singha Beer has strong presence in nearly 50 markets worldwide. 6% Alc.

今日の Bonus Track:
Eagles: Desperado

Gears used today:
– Heil PR-40
– Pop Filter
– Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone
– CA Red Wine


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