Japanese Metal Head Show 022 - Its Your ShowYou guys and gals created this final episode of the year. I talk about how much Dexter sucked this season. How the season premier of the next season can save this very disappointing season 6. Learning Japanese with Host Chiaki.

A listener from Mexico sends in a voice message with a request. Thank you very much for helping me create a community all you Japanese MetalHeads! We will do it again next year you All! Please safe. 今年は一年間ありがとうございました。色々と大変な一年間でしたね。来年も皆で頑張って日本を強くしていきましょう。世界に広げようジャパニーズ・メタルヘッドの輪。ホスト 日野原千明

Featured Tracks:
Van Halen: Dancing In The Streets
Anthrax: In The End (requested by @hide555666)
Metallica: That Was Just Your Life (requested by @Fooly_Kewly)
Firehouse: Overnight Sensation (requested by @Bangkok_R_Baby)
United:Revenger (requested by @siznasilziniz)
Concerto Moon: Savior Never Cry (requested by Rina Fujita)
LA Guns: Rip ‘n’ Tear (requested by Domonic Rini)
Black Country Communion: Black Country (requested by Fabrizio Antonio Vendittelli)
Dir En Grey: Myaku (requested by @Fooly_Kewly)

今日の Bonus Track:
郷ひろみ: 愛しき他人 (requested by @ASZ36)

ドランカー度が高すぎて録音を聞くまで何を話したのか覚えてませんでした。日本はロマンチックな国, 文化、個性、美しさ。

Gears used today:
– Heil PR-40
– Pop Filter
– Shure X2u
– Sony MDR-V6 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone
– CA Merlot


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