Metal Moment Podcast 025 - Angel Down, enough saidGuest Will Carroll (Death Angel/ScareCrow), Gus Pepa (ex-Death Angel), Rob Cavestany (Death Angel) , Ted Aguilar (Death Angel/ScareCrow).

Topics include, Metallica, GNR, Sebastian Bach, Bay Area Thrash Scene. Who is Adam Albright? (9mm Disco, Ex Sebastian Bach, Dopesick, Skinlab guitarist). A special GiveAway for the MMP fans from Metal Mike Chlasciak. メタル・マイクから皆様にプレゼント!Featured Songs: ScareCrow “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”, Death Angel “Steal The Crown”, Metal Mike’s Painmuseum “American MetalHead”, Adam Albright’s DopeSick “Angel Down”. 隠しトラックが最後についてます!

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