Metal Moment Podcast 046 - Beer And Metal Drinking beer and listening to Metal. Enjoy! Bon Jovi Likes Cup Noodles. Judas Priest announces final World tour. Vince Neil on Skates? カップ・ヌードルとボンジョビ。ヴィンズ・ニールがフィギャー・スケートに挑戦。日本一セクシーなドラマーはこの人!

Featured Tracks:

Black Majesty: Further Than Insane
Mystic Prophecy: Angel Fire
Excalion: Enter A Life
WASP: Live To Die Another Day
Vince Neil: Your Invited (but your friend can’t come)
Concerto Moon: Lost In The Dark
Steel Dragon: Livin’ The Life

Featured Beer:

Fosters: Australian
Becks: German
Anchor Steam: American
Budweiser: American
Asahi Super Dry: Japanese

Voice mail: 707.78.METAL

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Yes! Finally someone writes about Purchasing a BBQ.

Phoenix Catering added these pithy words on Aug 01 16 at 01:56

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