Metal Moment Podcast 049 - Love MachineRIP Gary Moore, still can’t believe it. Just found out during the recording of this episode. Its February and this is the month of Love, and for some the month of torture. I remember getting dumped right before Valentine’s Day. Lets listen to some tender ballads tonight. 二月と言ったらヴァレンタイン。

一緒に過ごす相手を探している人、見つかられずに一人で過ごすことになるあなた。バラードがあれば盛り上がれる。On this episode I talk about a special Charvel Guitar. Tonal characteristics of a Maple Body Guitar. Eddie Van Halen’s fall out with Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars. Shotgun Messiah guitarist Harry Cody. And a sad news that I found out about during the recording of this episode. R.I.P Gary Moore. 1952-2011 (2/6/2011) つぶやきの@defconone2007 さんから “ゲイリーの情熱のこもったプレイはいつまでも忘れません。安らかに…”

Featured Tracks:

Mr. Big: To Be With You
Van Halen: Can’t Stop Loving You
EdGuy: Save Me
XYZ: What Keeps Me Loving You
Shotgun Messiah: Living WIthout You
ZZ Top: Rough Boy
WASP: L.O.V.E Machine
Gary Moore: The Loner


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