Metal Moment Podcast 054 - George Lynch's Guitar TechGerry Ganaden (George Lynch’s guitar tech number 48) and London LeGrand (Brides of Destruction, Souls of We, George Lynch) recorded back in Aug. 2009. When Matt from Rocket Science first approached me about promoting George Lynch’s new album, “KILL ALL CONTROL”…

he told me that he wanted to do something BIG. A phone interview etc etc.  The MMP relies on live one on one interviews to capture the vibe so I politely declined. I wanted to do something special and dug up some unreleased moments from the vault.  Hope you enjoy LynchHeads! Maybe a Podcast dedicated to all things Lynch?

On this episode we talk about the following:

– How Gerry first met up with George
– The process of dialing in George’s Tone
– The misconception of the Boss GE-10 
– Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808 popularity owed to George
– George’s 1968 Marshall Plexi
– The guitar that kicks all of George’s guitars

Featured Tracks:
George Lynch: Wicked Witch
Gears used today:
– Heil PR-40
– Shure X2u
– Pop Filter
– Sony MDR-V6 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone
– Silver Bullet


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