Metal Moment Podcast 063 - Michael Butler aka Rock and Roll GeekEating and drinking with the Rock and Roll Geek. Recorded live at the Mogura in San Francisco, CA August 14, 2012. We talk about his musical career with Stevie Stiletto, Exodus, American Heartbreak, and Jetboy.

We also learn about how podcasting began with his involvement with Adam Curry (MTV Headbangers Ball, PodShow, Mevio, Daily Source Code, No Agenda Podcast), his take on the future of podcasting, his love for food, his thoughts on social networking, and his favorite living guitar player. 世界初のミュージック・ポッドキャスト番組を始めた男、マイケル・バトラー氏とサンフランシスコにある小さなカラオケ・パブで対談。ほとんどが英語ですが隣に座って盗み聞きをしていると思って飲みながら楽しんでください。彼はエクソダスやジェット・ボーイなどでもベースを弾いていました。


1581 Webster St
San Francisco, CA 94115

Beer Of The Moment:

– Asahi Super Dry


– Ika no Shiokara
– Takoyaki
– Kurobuta Sausage
– Omusubi

Featured Tracks:

– American Heartbreak: Fallen Angel
– Various J-Pop BGM

Bonus Track: We found our William Hung

– R.E.M: Losing My Religion

Michael Butler says:

“Its OK to lie about how great you are”
“I took a picture of George Lynch’s flip flops. That was the greatest thing for me.  I loved it!”
“I love the food, I love food as much as I love Rock and Roll, probably a little bit more”
“When I’m doing the Podcast I’ll imagine that there is one person on the other end  listening to it” 

Michael Butler
Rock And Roll Geek Show
twitter: @rnrgeek
Instagram: rockandrollgeek
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Gears used today:
– Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorder
– Zoom H4 Portable Digital Recorder
– Heil PR-40
– Shure X2u
– Pop Filter
– Sony MDR-V6 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone


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