Avantasia Masters Of Rock 2013 Press Conference - Metal Moment Podcast 073European correspondent, Steve Scott a.k.a MyEar reporting from the Masters Of Rock 2013. On this episode he reports from the Avantasia press conference featuring Tobias Sammet (Avantasia, Edguy), Amanda Somerville (Aina, HDK, KIske/Somerville, Trillium) and Eric Martin (Mr. Big, Tak Matsumoto Group).

メタル・モーメント・ポッドキャスト ユーロピアン レポーターから送られて来たものです。ドイツ語なまりの英語ですがどうぞ楽しんでお聞きになってください。日本でのレポーターさん募集しています。

Masters of Rock is a large heavy metal festival held in Vizovice, Czech Republic on the territory of the Destillerie Rudolf Jelinek, about 100 km from Brünn, close to the Slovakian border. The main styles represented on this festival are power, speed and heavy metal, though the production tries to make the fest more open for other rock and metal styles as progressive rock/metal, hardcore, and death metal. Since 2010 the main stage is named after Ronnie James Dio, who died earlier that year. The second smaller stage intended for the young bands is named ALFEDUS Music Stage.

Featured Track:

Avantasia: Reach Out For The Light (The Metal Opera Part 1 – 2001)

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