fotm4BKPart 3 of Michael Butler and I at a restaurant I call my home, Yu-Raku a Japanese Chinese Restaurant in San Mateo CA. Michael Butler and I talk about Champon Ramen noodles, our favorite audio books, and a documentary film titled Inside Metal – Pioneers of L.A. Had Rock and Metal.

Michael Butler (, Rock and Roll Geek Show, Cooking With Butler)
Chiaki Hinohara (Metal Moment Podcast, Japanese Metal Head Show)

Featured Restaurant:

Yu-Raku: Champon Ramen Noodles / Asahi Draft Beer from Japan

Featured Track(s):

Bon Jovi: Ride Cowboy Ride (New Jersey – Mercury Records 1988)
Bon Jovi: Stick to Your Guns (New Jersey – Mercury Records 1988)

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A Free Book From Host Chiaki aka metalmoment

Featured Books:

Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith (Joe Perry)
Red: My Uncensored Lie in Rock (Sammy Hagar)
Relentless: The Memoir (Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World (Joel Salatin)
The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals (Michael Pollan)
Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health (Jo Robinson)

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Gears used today:

– Zoom H1 Digital Handy Recorder
– Heil PR-40
– Roland UA-55 Quad Capture USB 2.0 Audio Interface
– Pop Filter
– Sony MDR-V6 Dynamic Stereo HeadPhone
– Coors Light Beer

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